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About Me.

Hi, my name is Archer, I’m fifteen years old and I like to watch formula 1. I’m from Shanghai, China, so I am a Chinese boy. I’m a confident personality, a relaxed state, and a sense of closeness boy. And I’m also a very optimistic boy, the biggest trait is perseverance, as long as it is the thing I choose, I choose the road, I will be very firm to go on. I like to challenge myself, like to find their own position in the strong, if the victory I will smile, if the failure I will get greater motivation, for greater success. My passion is to watch Formula 1, playing Formula 1 games and playing video games, I enjoy watching Formula 1 because I want to become a formula 1 driver in the future, I love looking those brilliant driver chasing and racing together and enjoying their every single races. I love formula 1, it a part of my life. And I like to play video games because in my spare time I’m always boring so I play that, and it fun and it easy to pass the time, but the big thing is I’m good at it.

About me.

That all about me!

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