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Explore China Trip / Wuxi

Day 1

I wake up at 6:50, it was a happy day because it the day to go to explore china trip! I went

to school at 8:30, we wait until 9:30 and then we get on the bus. We have a fun hour in bus, we playing music, some of them are play video games together, it really fun. We arrived in Wuxi at 11:30, then we went to have a lunch, then the worse thing came, the food is terrible! After eating that terrible lunch we went to our campus, we separate into 2 groups, I'm in group 1. the first thing we done is curling, the rules is we need to make the curling to reach in the circle, and one people in front to make it slow when the curling reach in the circle. We lose that because we aren't good at it. The second things we done is Archery tag, Jason and Qiqi said it Archer tag, not Archery tag, it quite funny right 😅. The rule that playing Archery tag is you need to make a castle that can defence competitor's arrow, Qiqi, James and me are in a group and then we win this game. After playing those games we goes back to hotel and having dinner, same thing, terrible food. When we finish eating dinner we have a rest and then we went to play some games. Then we get back to our room to sleep.

Day 2

We wake up at 7:00, then we have breakfast and then we went to our campus. We went to did a game, called saving the elephant, the rule is to devise a way to cross the river to save the elephant. We did that for a whole day and then we ate dinner. After dinner we went back to hotel.

Day 3

Same thing at last day we wake up at 7:00 and ate breakfast in the same time. When we arrived in the campus, we walk beside the tree, then we ate lunch. After eating lunches we did kayaking, we did some competition on the boat, me and Jason are in one boat and we won this game. It was really fun! After that we went back to the hotel and have some dinner, then we get back to our room to have some rest.

Day 4

Same thing with yesterday morning, then we went to campus. This day we did a fun activity, we need to build our own village. First we got some money, then we need to buy the material from the shop owner. Second, we need to start building a transporting car to carry the material from the shop. Third, we need to start to build a warehouse to put our stuff in. Forth, we need to build a house that we can stay in. The rules is we need to fight with the other group, the weapon is sling. We won this game. We ate lunch between we start building our house. Then we ate dinner. After that we had a camp fire and a party. When all that is finished, we went back to the hotel and sleep.

Day 5

Today is the final day of the Explore China Trip. We had a fun week in the campus. The same thing as yesterday morning, we finish our breakfast and then we went to our campus. Today the teacher teach us how to use an “old fashion GPS”, We first hid the ball well, and then wrote the coordinates on the paper to the teacher, then we took a piece of paper where others hid the coordinates of the ball to look for other people's balls, which group finished looking for the first group will win. After playing this game. We ate lunch and then we get on the bus to get back to shanghai. It was a really fun trip and the environment of the hotel is much better then the past.

Pictures that I took
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